DIY Photo Booth for Your Next Party

If you haven’t noticed I’m a bit of a goof ball, so I like to throw a unique spin on most things I do. I set up a mini photo booth at my New Years Party so guests could have an unexpected memento from the party. I set my Canon 6D up with Canon Timer Remote and it made for some fun results so I’d like to share some tips.

Gear I used
DSLR (Canon 6D)
Remote Trigger (Canon Timer Remote)
Camera Flash (CanonΒ 430EX II Flash)
Wide Angle Lens (Canon 16-35mm 2.8L)
Large American Flag (6ft)

Some Quick Tips
Have an interesting background: I put up a huge United States flag and combined it with a LIFX bulb allowing me to change the background color periodically throughout the evening.

Include a props table with silly things for your guests to use: this means fake mustaches, over sized sunglasses, 2014 glasses, all of the things you would normally say “who would buy that” is usually a good addition.

Use a remote trigger: make sure it counts down to so people can get into awesome poses.

Use a flash: using a flash keeps all of your photos looking consistent plus keeps things well lit.

Use a wide angle lens: this will keep everyone in the frame without guests having to make sure the photo is properly composed.

Any most importantly: have fun and join people in photos!

My Results from New Years Eve

Shoutout to Kevin Doherty for helping me film the video for this post.

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