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    Awesome Photography Community at the Worldwide InstaMeet 12 in Washington DC

    I’ve been to a few Instagram meetups in DC but the Worldwide InstaMeet had to have been the biggest, here’s my photos from this huge gathering.

    I can’t stress how important community is in ANY field, every time I meet with anyone from this crew I get pumped and inspired to take more photos.

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    This had to have been the longest photowalk I have ever been on. At around 4 hours we started at the Rosslyn metro station and walked all the way to Georgetown. It was a ton of fun to travel with a massive group through the city. Read More

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    Road to Old Rag Mountain

    After driving two hours to the mountains in Virginia and getting lost since there is no cell service I took this long shot of the road. Sadly, I arrived around sunset so we didn’t actually get to go up on Old Rag Mountain. I was a bit nervous sitting in the road to shoot this, especially near a turn in the road, but luckily my friend was spotting cars for me.

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    Storm Clouds over Great Falls

    I got a few suggestions to head up to Great Falls Park which seemed like a great idea for a waterfall shot. After a few days of rain I finally got a chance to head to the Virginia side of Great Falls

    To get this spectacular view I had to climb a few rocks to get toย observationย deck 1. All of the rain caused a high water level which is why the water is so muddy. Back in the 90’s the water level actually got as high as I was standing to take this photo.

    Interesting fact: this was my first photo shot at ISO 50.

    Great Falls on Google Maps