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Seeing the equipment someone uses can be helpful so I made this up-to-date list of all of my gear. Everyday I carry my camera gear in a Peak Design Everyday Backpack which I highly recommend.

Current Gear List via

Past Gear:



Canon 6D Back

Canon 6D (~$1200)
I went with a Canon 6D because I wanted to shoot on a full frame camera and save a few bucks. The Canon 5Dmk3 is a better camera but for almost a grand more I couldn’t bring myself to buy it, especially since I don’t do sports or action photography because the 5Dmk3 has more auto focus points. The 6D also lets me do more than 3 exposures in a bracketed shot which is a nice feature when you want to capture 9 images over a lot of exposures for an HDR. Most of my photos are shot using 5 exposures. The 6D also has a handy Wifi shooting feature, so I can hook it up to my iPhone to take shots or transfer shots, great if I wanna post a quick shot from the road. Some of my older shots are from a Canon T1i (the newer version is also very nice) which I highly recommend also for starting out, especially if you don’t want to spend too much money.

Canon 24mm 1.4 II Lens (~$1600)
Wanting to add some more prime lenses to my collection I snagged one of these wide angle lenses. The clarity of photos from the 24 1.4 still blows my mind, since 2015 almost all of my photos have been taken with this lens.

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II Lens (~$1600)
One of the perfect lenses for capturing large landscapes and building architecture, if I want a wider shot than 24mm this is my go to.

DSPTCH Camera Strap (~$50)
I’m not a fan of Canon’s basic strap since it makes it hard to wear like a satchel. The DSPTCH gives me extra length in the strap and a great quick release button to disconnect the strap from my camera quickly.


Manfrotto 055cxpro3 Carbon Fiber 3 section Tripod (~$350)
To capture stunning landscapes or cityscapes a very stable tripod is essential. After shooting in windy situations with a cheap aluminum tripod and not getting the results I wanted I upgraded to the Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod and I’m happy with the results. The carbon fiber makes it light enough to carry all day but sturdy enough for all of my shots.

Travel TripodMeFoto Globetrotter Carbon Fiber (~$369)

Giottos MH1000-652 Large Ball Head (~$100)
With heavier camera equipment comes a heavy duty tripod head and with a 22 pound limit this ball head handles all of my gear. I’m also a huge fan of ball heads with a quick release which this offers, it makes it very easy to take your camera off and on of your tripod. (note this suggestion was from Trey Ratcliff)


Adobe Photoshop CC
I use photoshop to mask multiple photos together, which is perfect for shots with motion.

Adobe Lightroom CC
I use Lightroom to organize all of my photos and I highly recommend it. It makes it super easy to pull your photos off your SD card and organize them. It also provides some very powerful editing options which I’m a huge fan of. Almost all of my photos are processed through Adobe Lightroom before posting.




I also curate a list of gifts for photographers on my other website.

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3 comments on “My Camera and Gear for Photography”

  1. Thanks – that’s just awesome.. 🙂
    I actually got my 6D when it came out and it annoyed me that I could only capture 3 exposures and I haven’t come across any posts that stated that it could be changed to do even more brackets shots. (With native firmware)

    Thanks again and I’ll mention your web page the next time I upload to Flickr.

    Have a good one.

    Rgds from Denmark

  2. Can you please explain how it’s possible to bracket more than 3 shots? My 6D only let’s me capture 3 shots at a time (I know you can capture more by using Magic Lantern)