Smithsonian American Art Museum Third Floor Mezzanine

A Walk Through the National Portrait Gallery & American Art Museum

It’s a rare opportunity that I have a chance to walk around DC during the day but when I do visiting museums is a treat. Luckily I got to walk around the National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museums which are in the same building in Chinatown.

Electronic Superhighway

One of the most unique exhibits is the “Electronic Superhighway” which consists of wall of TV screens portraying the USA. The one detail I love is DC’s screen shows of a video feed of where you’re standing.

Visiting the portrait gallery & american art museums is free, making the trip essential if you’re ever near Chinatown. Plus it’s one of my favorite places in DC to photograph.

Kogod Courtyard Ceiling
Kogod Courtyard Ceiling

The courtyard’s roof is a wavy grid pattern that is very unique.

National Portrait Gallery

The museums are full of vintage grand hallways waiting to be explored.

National Portrait Gallery Hall
Kogod Courtyard National Portrait Gallery
Kogod Courtyard – National Portrait Gallery

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