Beautiful Sunflower Fields at McKee-Beshers

Every year the massive sunflower patch at McKee Beshers in Maryland is a popular destination for photographers. Usually blooming in early July and lasting for about 2 weeks it’s quite the sight.

With over 30 acres of sunflowers in 9 fields you’ll have plenty of photo ops.

You’ll see many photographers with ladders; allowing them to shoot high above the height of the sunflowers. With most sunflowers around 6 to 7 feet you’ll want to get a higher angle on the sunflowers.

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It’s a neat sight to see a few of the sunflowers before they bloom. But the field is full of a variety of sunflowers, be sure to visit at peak bloom in mid-July.

Sunflower before it has bloomed

Sunflower before it has bloomed

I also headed to the patch with friend and fellow photographer Brandon Kopp.

Brandon Kopp photographing sunflowers

There are an insane amount of sunflowers at McKee. Plus plenty of areas to walk into the field so be sure to explore the whole area.

sunflower patch backwards

How to Get to the Sunflower Patch at McKee Beshers

There are a couple of sunflower fields to visit but I had trouble finding the largest one. So here’s a handy little map to find your way. Most of the parking lots have plenty of room so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a spot.

Sunflower Parking Map

Sunflower Fields in Maryland Parking Map (Google Maps)

Parking is free and is just a short walk to the main field.

For more information about McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area check out their website.

McKee-Beshers on Google Maps


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for providing the map!! I didn’t find your website in time, but the flowers are not really in bloom yet anyway. The map is an essential piece of info that the DNR should provide on its own website. Many people get frustrated trying to locate this sight. I appreciate your thoughtful effort.

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