GoPro HERO8 Black Replacement Side Door with USB-C Port Access

If you got a GoPro HERO8 you may notice if you want to access the USB-C port on the side you’ll need to remove the side door. Which works great until you realize the side-door holds the battery in. So if you want to use the GoPro HERO8’s USB-C port while using the camera (for example for a microphone or charging) you’ll need a modified door to keep the battery in.

GoPro HERO8 with Ulanzi G8-7 side door for USB-C access

Luckily thanks to this third party accessory it offers a modified door you can easily snap on. The modified door add a hole to access the GoPro HERO8 USB-C port while holding the battery in place.

Ulanzi G8-7 Battery Cover Removable Type-C Charging Port...
  • The Battery Side Door for Gopro 8 provide access to USB port while battery and SD card are safely covered by the door, without fearing the battery will fall out.

Obviously with this side door your GoPro will no longer be waterproof but you can easily switch between the doors.

Reasons to access the USB-C port while using the GoPro:

My main concern when getting this door was if larger USB-C plugs would fit in. So far I have had no issue with any of the plugs I have including the GoPro audio adapter.

GoPro HERO8 with USB-C Door

I hope you found this helpful! This new door has solved all my issues using my GoPro while plugging it into something.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about this accessory.

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