Hayden Run Falls in Columbus Ohio

Hayden Run Falls in Columbus Ohio

I never thought Ohio would be full of so many waterfalls, but after my visit, I now see it’s full of flowing falls. This waterfall was at Hayden Falls Park which is in Columbus, Ohio (Dublin to be specific). Just a three-minute walk off a small parking lot right off the road leads to this fall. I didn’t have to go deep into the woods to see nature’s glory.

At 30 feet tall this waterfall has to be one Ohio’s best plus it’s simple to get to! It’s still shocking to me that there are waterfalls in Columbus Ohio.

Behind the scenes at Hayden Run Falls
Setting up the shot

I set my tripod up on the railing and took a quick 5 exposure of this before the mist covered my lens. You can see in this shot of me taking the photo how the water truly looked but after a long exposure using my camera, it created a magical feel.

If you’re photographing waterfalls I highly recommend using a tripod and in brighter situations an ND filter (which I didn’t use here since it was already dark).

Photos of Hayden Run Falls

Hayden Run Falls Summer Ohio
Hayden Run Falls in the Summer

If you’re photographing the falls also be sure to bring a cloth to wipe your lenses, on a windy day you’ll constantly get splashes on your lenses.

It really is a quick stop here, if you can park in the main parking lot it’ll probably only take 25 minutes to explore the entire area.

Wooden Walkway To Hayden Run Falls
Wooden Walkway To Hayden Run Falls

The parking lot is conveniently located right off of Hayden Run road, parking can be tight so try to come at off peak times.

Griggs Nature Preserve Parking Lot
Parking for Griggs Nature Preserve (which includes Hayden Run Falls)

I would provide a map but it’s a really simple wooden boardwalk to the falls.

Hayden Run Falls on Google Maps

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