Exploring the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon

The Lan Su Chinese Garden is well worth a visit if you’re visiting Portland, Oregon.

Sign for the Lan Su Chinese Garden

The Lan Su Chinese Garden started construction in 1999 and was completed in 2000. The garden features one city block of gardens covering about 40,000 square feet. Perviously the gardened was called Portland Classical Chinese Garden and the Garden of Awakening Orchids; in 2010 on the garden’s 10th anniversary it was renamed to the Lan Su Chinese Garden. Su represents Suzhou and Lan represents Portland.

I really appreciated how dense the garden was, it seriously felt like stepping into a different world when entering the gardens.

Within the Lan Su Chinese Garden you’ll see plenty of Chinese structures including walkways, bridges, and pavilions.

The garden also features a tea house with tea and snacks. Adult tickets are $14.00 and can be purchased on their website or at the entrance. The garden also offers tour and plenty of friendly staff.

If you plan on driving to the garden it’s advised to not have any valuables visible in your car. Just something to keep in mind when visit.

Lan Su Chinese Garden on Google Maps

Lan Su Chinese Garden Pictures

Here are more pictures of the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland. If you’re a photographer planning what to bring I’d recommend a wide angle lens (I brought my Canon RF 15-35mm) to capture the hallways and spaces.

Hopefully you enjoyed my photos from Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland. If you want to see more of Portland I recommend reading my list Portland photography locations.

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