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My Favorite Washington DC Instagram Hashtags

I see way too many people posting hashtags like #pink #photo #tags4likes on their Instagram posts. Popular hashtags won’t get you valuable followers.

It’s best to be part of a community on Instagram.

If you’re interested in Instagram Accounts to follow
check out the Top Washington DC Instagrammers.

Using #WashingtonDC will ensure you end up in a tourist’s feed.

Here’s my list of the best Instagram hashtags for the Washington DC area.


My personal favorite community/hashtag is #IGDC, full of meetups, features, and great people.

(Official Account: @IGDC)


The official account for DC tourism features photos that tag #MyDCcool. Perfect for instagramming a quick cup of coffee at one of the amazing coffee shops in DC.

(Official Account: @VisitWashingtonDC)


A great community of creatives in DC along with it’s own blog and Instagram account.

(Official Account: @ACreativeDC)

A post shared by A Creative DC (@acreativedc) on


The DCtography account and tag is used to celebrate local photographers and all of the beautiful locations around DC.

(Official Account: @DCtography)


Mostly used in DC, Walk With Locals also uses #WWLxDC to feature photos from the DC area on their account.

(Official Account: @WalkWithLocals)


Along with meetups Street Meet DC features lots of urban photography from DC.

(Official Account: @StreetMeetDC)


Started by DC local @Phil.Martin this feed includes excellent portraits, many in DC.

(Official Account: @MakePortraitsNotWar)

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Started by Angela Pan to promote her net book SnapDC you can find photographers all over the city tagging SnapDC (@abpanphoto)


DC is full of unique buildings, some ugly but some are fantastic, Buildings of DC brings out the best of DC Architecture.

(Official Account: @Buildings_of_DC)


DC has some great food, why not see it all in the #DCFoodPorn feed

(Official Account: @DCFoodPorn)

A post shared by Justin Schuble (@dcfoodporn) on


DC’s community for local photographers & fans this includes some great shots.

(Official Account: @Exposed_DC)

A post shared by Emily Long (@leafthecity) on

Here are all of the best Washington DC IG Hashtags to copy and paste

#igdc #acreativedc #mydccool #dctography#streetmeetdc #wwlxdc #buildings_of_dc #underground_dc #blackandwhitedc #thatngawall #theotherdc #exposeddc #bythings #dcfocused #FotoDC #dmvmetro #DCCorners #instantdc #dcitystyle #makeportraitsnotwar #DCFoodPorn #DCEats

Big thanks to @Jenburnett for sharing some of her favorites as well.

Any I didn’t include? Tell us in the comments!

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