Top Washington Dc Instagrammers To Follow

Top 16 Washington DC Instagrammers to Follow

Instagram has become the premier photo sharing network. Through my years of on this kicka** social network I’ve met some truly talented people to follow with great photographs. So here is my list of top instagram accounts in DC to follow.

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Here are the best DC photographers to follow on Instagram:


Laurie captures DC everyday with her unique style and with the username DCCityGirl how could she not be included in this list.


Austin is constantly exploring all parts of DC including the latest art exhibits and coffee shops. Just using his iPhone Austin captures some of the best moments from the District.


Holly is an important person for the Instagram community in DC as she organizes @IGDC which hosts meetups and other fun events every month.

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Jenn is often exploring DC on a Capital Bikeshare while sharing every moment with her iPhone. If anyone is looking to get into mobile photography I often point them to Jenn.



Adrien does an amazing job at capturing DC’s back alleys, murals and lesser known parts of the city.


Jen does a fantastic job capturing the city with her iPhone.


(Shameless Plug) How could I not include myself in my own list, I like to think I capture DC with unique dreamy vibes.


Patrick captures DC in a unique light, especially the monuments.


When Phil isn’t photographing trains he spends a lot of his time photographing DC and it’s people, including his newborn son Bryce. You can read an interview with Phil I posted on the IGDC website.


Angela is constantly waking up at sunrise to get the best shots of DC in every light.


Jarrett captures DC and the areas around the city plus makes his own places with his #PlacesThatDoNotExist series.



District ninja does a great job of adding unique elements to his photos of DC.



Halil captures the true grit of the city with creative photos from all around DC.

New to D.C.? Make sure to tag your photos with our local Instagram community #IGDC (along with these great DC Hashtags)

Have great photos from DC or a fan of someone who does? Let us know about the account in the comments!

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