Shutter Speed to Shutter Angle Calculator (Online Tool)

Photographers can easily find the right shutter speed for a certain shutter angle, or the other way around, by using a shutter speed to shutter angle calculator. This is really helpful for videographers trying to match the exposure and motion blur between shots, or photographers aiming to get the perfect exposure in difficult lighting situations.

Shutter Speed to Shutter Angle Calculator

Simply select your desired FPS and shutter speed to get the shutter angle.

Shutter Angle to Shutter Speed Calculator

Select your desired FPS and shutter angle to get the shutter speed.

Why Do You Need a Shutter Speed to Shutter Angle Calculator?

The belief that achieving the “film look” solely requires a 180-degree shutter angle is a common misconception. This notion should be eliminated from your mind. While dealing with slow motion, the shutter angle becomes relevant, but in general, it is just the shutter speed relative to the frames per second.

At 60fps, a 180-degree shutter angle will not produce a cinematic effect. Even if you revert to 30fps, each frame will have been exposed to a 1/120 shutter, resulting in a motion blur of 1/120. To achieve the film look, motion blur is the key factor, followed by frames per second. The shutter speed should be set close to 1/48.

If you are shooting at 30fps and still desire the film motion blur produced by a 1/48 shutter, you can use a 225 shutter angle.

How do you Calculate Shutter Angle?

Now let’s get into the math of it.

I know that understanding shutter angle is crucial for capturing stunning images. To calculate the shutter angle, you simply need to know two things: the frame rate (how many frames/pictures the camera takes per second) and the shutter speed (how long the camera’s shutter stays open).

Here’s the formula: Shutter Angle = (Shutter Speed × Frame Rate) × 360°

Let’s say you’re shooting a video at 24 frames per second (fps) and your shutter speed is 1/48 of a second. Plug these values into the formula:

Shutter Angle = (1/48 × 24) × 360°
Shutter Angle = (0.5) × 360°
Shutter Angle = 180°

In this example, the shutter angle is 180 degrees, which is a common setting for achieving natural-looking motion in your travel videos. By knowing how to calculate shutter angle, you’ll be well-equipped to capture stunning videos on your next adventure!

It’s important to note that a lot of mirrorless cameras and DSLRs that will not allow you to shoot at shutter speeds such as 1/48th. In this case it’s best to go with the closest such as 1/50th of a second.

How The Shutter Angles Work In Cinema Cameras

The camera’s frame rate, or how many pictures it takes per second, is closely connected to the shutter angle. For example, if a camera takes 24 pictures per second with a 180-degree shutter angle, the shutter is open for half of the time each picture is recorded, which means a 1/48 shutter speed. On the other hand, a 360-degree shutter angle means the shutter is open for the entire time the picture is taken, giving a 1/24 shutter speed.

A 1/48 or 180-degree shutter at 24 pictures per second provides a balanced exposure and natural-looking movement in the photos.

By changing the shutter angle, filmmakers can control the motion and exposure in their pictures. Shutter angles smaller than 180 degrees create faster shutter speeds and more motion blur, while angles larger than 180 degrees make slower shutter speeds and less motion blur. For instance, a 90-degree shutter angle with 24 pictures per second will have less motion blur, while a 270-degree angle will have more.

Being able to change the shutter angle is important for filmmakers because it lets them give their footage a special look and feel, and share different moods and emotions. In short, the shutter angle is a key part of the picture-taking process in movie cameras, as it sets how long the film is exposed to light. By knowing how shutter angle connects to frame rate, filmmakers can use this to their advantage and create the desired look and feel in their pictures.


I hope you enjoy my shutter speed to shutter angle calculator. This is an essential tool for any filmmaker or videographer. It simplifies the process of converting shutter speed to shutter angle, ensuring that the resulting footage is smooth and professional-looking.

With this calculator, you can easily determine the optimal shutter angle for your camera and achieve the desired effect in your videos. So, if you want to take your filmmaking skills to the next level, be sure to add this valuable tool to your arsenal today!

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