A Day at the Beach in DC with the Building Museum & Snarkitecture

After getting invited by Snarkitecture to a huge artificial ball pit beachย inside the National Building Museum I couldn’t say no! With 750,000ย recycled balls I really felt like a kid again.

vlog of my experience

From the first second I stepped onto their white astroturf I felt as if I was walking on sand.

Entrance to the beach DC

The grand columns in the middle of the museum gave the beach such an epic feel.

Building Museum Columns

It was such a struggle to move through the balls which oddly enough felt like a real ocean. I never touched the bottom so I’m not even sure how deep they made this thing.

At the far end of the beach is a wall of mirrors giving you the view of an endless sea.

Mirror at the giant ball pit in DC

I ended up bringing my giant doughnut as a prop which you’ve probably seen in my vlog. Another IGDC Instagrammerย Gwenn brought a homemade shark fin as well which lead to an interesting photo by Jarrett. (P.S. Want to follow other cool people in DC? Check out my DC Instagrammers post)

We even got to sneak up to the fourth of the Building Museum. This gave us a great view of the exhibit and museum.

Forth floor of the Building Museum at thebeachdc

Shout out to Union Kitchenย for the free doughnuts and coffee.


Here’s some more fun photos I took at the event. Handstands, laughter and dives we’re some of the highlights.

and of course I can’t forget the group photo of IGDC at the event.

Photo by Holly

Photo by Holly

The exhibit opens July 4, 2015 and runs through September 7 2015; open 10 AM to 7 PM Monday to Saturday, and 11 AM to 5 PM Sunday. Admission $5-16.

And again thank you so much to Snarkitecture for inviting me to #EmptyBeach

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