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    Cedar Falls at Hocking Hills Park

    My short trip to Ohio ended by visiting Hocking Hills with my friend and his wife. This is the main attraction of the area I believe, Cedar Falls which boasts moving the most water by volume in all of Hocking Hills. I noticed a lot of other photos of the falls didn’t include the fallen tree which was taking up most of the reflection in this shot.

    wooden-foot-bridge-at-hocking-hills-ohioAbout a two mile walk away is Old Man’s Cave which I didn’t end up actually getting too since it was getting late but walking half way led me to see some interesting terrain on the way. Walking through huge rocks, foot bridges over swamp water, and plenty of hills were quite unexpected.

    Cedar Falls on Google Maps
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    Hayden Run Falls in Columbus Ohio

    I never thought Ohio would be full of so many waterfalls, but after my visit I now see it’s full of flowing falls. This waterfall was at Hayden Falls Park which is in Columbus, Ohio (Dublin to be specific). Just a three minute walk off a small parking lot right off the road leads to this fall. I didn’t have to go deep into the woods to see nature’s glory.

    At 30 feet tall this waterfall has to be one Ohio’s best plus it’s simple to get to! It’s still shocking to me that there are waterfalls in Columbus Ohio. Read More

    Leatherlips Monument at Scioto Dublin Park

    This giant head monument of Chief Leatherlips is located at Scioto Park in Ohio. I didn’t expect something so obscure to be in Ohio and only 5 miles from where I was staying in Columbus Ohio. For some strange reason I regularly get Ohio and Utah confused so I expected to see plenty of mountains on my trip but Ohio seems to be full of flat land and tons of waterfalls.

    I found this landmark using the Roadtrippers app, I highly recommend it if you do a lot of traveling or even if you just want to explore where you live. It’s great for finding kicka** photo opportunities and seeing stuff you most likely wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

    Scioto Dublin Park on Google Maps