How to Add Subscribe Button Watermark on YouTube Video (Plus Subscribe Button PNGs)

YouTube Subscribe PNG

Getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel can be tough.

Luckily one little hack can help increase the subscribe rate of people watching your videos. This simple trick is to use a “subscribe” button for your branding image like below.

Example of a channel watermark on YouTube

YouTube allows you to upload an image that displays on the bottom right of your videos. Ideally, you’ll want to use this 150 x 150 px image as a subscribe call to action.

Here’s how to add your own images plus some subscribe PNG images you can use for your YouTube branding watermark.

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How to Add a Branding Watermark to YouTube Videos

1. Login to YouTube and Head Over to YouTube Studio

After logging into YouTube click your photo on the top right and click “YouTube Studio”. This will take you to your channel management page.

2. Go to Channel Settings

On the bottom left of the studio page you’ll see a “settings” button.

3. View Channel Watermark Branding Settings

Once the settings page pops up click “Channel” on the left then click “Branding”. This will give you the page that allows you to upload a 150 x 150 pixel branding image.

4. Choose Branding Watermark View Settings

After uploading your image you’ll have the ability to select when it displays. This includes showing the watermark at the end of the video, at a custom start time, or over the entire video.

I recommend showing it as early as possible to convert as many people as possible.

Free YouTube Subscribe Button PNGs for YouTube’s Branding Watermark

Here are a few 150×150 images to use as your branding watermark on YouTube to increase your subscription rate.

Just right click and save one of these transparent subscribe PNGs and you can upload it to your channel.

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11 comments on “How to Add Subscribe Button Watermark on YouTube Video (Plus Subscribe Button PNGs)”

  1. Hey there, Loved how you explained this to me. It was very detailed. The only
    problem on my end is. The button comes up really small, is there any way I could make
    it a bit larger so the viewer could see it better? I will leave my website for you
    so that you could see what I am talking about. Thanks much for the awesome
    work you did in putting this together. Slow Cooker Bill.

  2. Hi, these look perfect, thanks!

    Although I’m right-clicking to save, but it defaults to a .webp file? I’ve disabled all ad blockers, but it didn’t make any difference. I’ve also tried saving as a .webp file opening and saving in paint but then the transparency (?) disappears, and I can’t see anything?

  3. Hi Bill
    I’ve a question:
    This subscribe button appears only on screen while the video
    playing but not underneath on the right where usually click subscribe.
    Do you thing because I’m seeing my own channel???
    if not how I’m gonna make to appear down on the right, because while
    I’m watching my own video I see two blue buttons (Analytic and Edit video)