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360 Bridge Overlook in Austin, Texas

Cliff I was on that Overlooks 360 Bridge

Cliff I was on that Overlooks 360 Bridge

I spent another great weekend in Austin and really enjoyed the sunset on my last day at 360 overlook at Pennybacker Bridge. This has to be one of the best spots in Austin to enjoy a sunset.

My tradition after going to 360 overlook is to stop by Ramen Tatsuya for some of the best ramen I’ve ever had.

Parking for 360 overlook can be a bit dangerous since it’s on the side of a highway. People park on either side of the highway, but just be careful when parking here.

Pennybacker Bridge or more commonly “360 Bridge” spans 1150 feet and has a very unique design with it’s central arched span. The design keeps Lake Austin free of support columns due to recreational boaters. When built the bridge was only the second bridge in the world with such a design.


360 Bridge Overlook in Austin Texas

Sunset Long Exposure of 360 Bridge Overlook

The flat cliffy overlooking the bridge is especially great for a picnic.

Bushes at 360 Overlook Cliff

Bushes at 360 Overlook Cliff

360 Bridge Austin Path

Path to 360 Overlook

360 Bridge Overlook on Google Maps

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