Best Places to Photograph in Buffalo, NY (Photography Guide)

Buffalo, NY is a great stop if you’re traveling through New York state. Located near Niagara Falls Buffalo New York offers plenty of Instagrammable sights including great murals, architecture, and signage.

Here’s my list of the best places to take pictures in Buffalo New York:

1. Shea’s Buffalo Marquee Sign

Shea's Buffalo marquee sign at night
Shea’s Buffalo Marquee Sign

Located directly in downtown Buffalo is Shea’s Buffalo marquee which is perfect for night photography. With a road in the front you can capture passing cars and even the street car going by. Of course the bright lights would also make a perfect spot for portraits.

Shea’s Buffalo on Google Maps

2. Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are a photographer’s paradise, and the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens stand out. With vibrant flowers and unique plants, every corner offers a photo-worthy moment. The lush greenery and colorful blooms provide endless inspiration, whether you’re capturing an exotic plant’s details or a garden’s wide expanse. Natural light filtering through glass domes adds extra magic to your shots.

Buffalo Botanical Gardens on Google Maps

3. Buffalo Central Terminal

Buffalo Central Terminal (photo via @buffalo_central_terminal)

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit Buffalo Central Terminal on my trip to Buffalo but from my research it looks quite stunning! You’ll need to book a tour to visit the interior so be sure to look up tours on their website before visiting.

Buffalo Central Terminal on Google Maps

4. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House

Greenhouse in the Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most iconic homes is located in Buffalo dubbed the “Martin House“. If you’re a fan of architecture there is plenty of details and interesting history at this site.

You can walk the grounds and take pictures of the exterior but to get the most out of your visit you’ll want to book a tour. Sadly when you’re on a tour you can’t take any photos of the interior but there are a few exterior locations the tour gives you access to are well worth it.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House on Google Maps

5. Greetings from Buffalo Mural

Greetings from Buffalo mural

What better way to say you’re in Buffalo than a giant mural that says “Greetings from Buffalo“! You can’t miss the mural since it’s located directly off of Ellicott st. You’ll have to stand in a parking lot to get a photo of the mural but it was easy to access.

Greetings from Buffalo Mural on Google Maps

6. Keep Buffalo a Secret Mural

Keep Buffalo a secret mural

Sorry to break the secret but the huge “Keep Buffalo a secret mural” is a must see. The massive mural is located right off of Main St. I enjoyed photographing the mural with the fence in the foreground.

Keep Buffalo a Secret Mural on Google Maps

7. Lookin’ Good Mural

Lookin’ Good Mural in Buffalo

If you’re lookin’ good while in Buffalo you’ll need to stop by the Lookin’ Good mural. This colorful mural is located in a parking lot off of Hertel Ave. Typically cars will be parked in the spots so you may have to wait around to get a clear view of the mural.

Lookin’ Good Mural on Google Maps

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I hope my list of Buffalo photo spots jump starts your trip to the city! I was surprised how beautiful the city was on my visit since I kind of went in blind. Whether you’re capturing the architectural beauty of Shea’s Buffalo Marquee Sign or exploring the lush greenery at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, this city offers endless photo opportunities. Make sure to also check out the murals, like “Greetings from Buffalo” and “Keep Buffalo a Secret,” for some vibrant and unique shots.

If you’re looking for other fun stuff to do in Buffalo I would recommend getting donuts from Paula’s donuts, plants from Daddy’s Plants, a burger from Mister Sizzle’s, and a beer at Resurgence Brewing Company.

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