Visiting Humboldt Botanical Garden in California

If you’re taking a road trip in Northern California you may pass through Humboldt. You’ll want to make a stop at the Humboldt Botanical Garden to enjoy their miles of trails, gardens, and my favorite Santino’s “All Happy Now” earth sculpture.

Humboldt Botanical Garden entrance

Now let’s dive into things to see at the Humboldt Botanical Garden.


The centerpiece of the Humboldt Botanical Garden is of course the gardens. You can see all the gardens the park has featured on their website.

On our visit there was a brass band playing which gave great background music while exploring the gardens. You can see what events are happening on the Humboldt Botanical Garden events page.

Hiking Trails

While walking the grounds of the Humboldt Botanical Garden you’ll find plenty of walking trails.

The trails even lead to an overlook that overlooks the bay. On our visit they also had a sign saying they are planning to build an observation deck at the spot.

View from observation point

Santino’s “All Happy Now” Earth Sculpture

Santino’s “All Happy Now” Earth Sculpture

On the east side of the park is Peter Santino’s “All Happy Now” earth sculpture. This unique earth sculpture uses two metal shapes to extrude from the ground with the highest point being 6 feet in the center. This unique area creates a 1/2 mile path that doesn’t repeat on itself. The sculpture is designed to be walked to create a meditative experience.

Humboldt Botanical Garden Pictures

Here are my pictures from the Humboldt Botanical Garden.

I hope you enjoyed my photos from the Humboldt Botanical Garden in California.

We actually became members of the garden after learning about the Reciprocal Admissions Program by the American Horticultural Society. This means with a membership you can visit many other botanical gardens across the US.

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