New River Gorge National Park (Photography Spots & Photos)

Designated a National Park in 2020 New River Gorge in West Virginia is one of the newest National Parks in the United States. New River Gorge National Park and Preserve stretches over 50 miles and offers a rich cultural and natural history.

Places to Photograph in New River Gorge

Here are some of the best places to photograph in New River Gorge National Park.

Bridge view from Tunney Hunsaker Bridge

Probably the best view of the New River Gorge Bridge is from the Tunney Hunsaker Bridge. The Tunney Hunsaker Bridge can be found on Fayette Station Road during the driving tour. There is a small parking lot after the bridge where you can park and walk to the sidewalks on either side of the Tunney Hunsaker Bridge.


Grandview offers a sweeping 180 degree view of New River. Located on the south side of the National Park Grandview has a large parking lot and has a few hiking trails. The walk to the actual view is fairly short and even is handicap accessible.

Fayette Station Road

The scenic drive on Fayette Station Road is a must-do when visiting New River Gorge National Park. The rich history of the area can be discovered on the Fayette Station Road audio tour. Just keep in mind cell reception will be low in the gorge so I recommend downloading the tour to your phone.

Canyon Rim Visitor’s Center

You’ll find the Canyon Rim Visitor’s Center at the start of Fayette Station Road. I didn’t get a chance to visit the interior of the visitor center on my visit but if you have time and it’s open the visitor center plays a few free videos about the park.

From the Canyon Rim Visitor Center you can take a short walk to an overlook at get a distant view of the New River Gorge Bridge. There are also a large number of wooden stairs that lead to an even better view deeper in the gorge but sadly didn’t have time to see it on my visit.

New River Gorge National Park Pictures

Here are more of my photos from my visit to New River Gorge National Park.

I hope you enjoyed my quick guide to New River Gorge National Park. I’m hoping I have more time in the future to explore the park further. From my research Fayetteville looked like a great place to stay with plenty of interesting stores.

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