Why Point and Shoot Cameras are Dead

Ever since I got my first smartphone I was capturing and publishing more photos than ever. I used to carry a point and shoot on a daily basis but when I got an iPhone 4s the camera worked so well that I completely cut point and shoots out of everything. I’m writing a quick article on this since people ask me for point and shoot camera recommendations and I usually advise them to stick with their camera phone.

Why would someone want to carry a point and shoot when they already have a smartphone?

4 out of the 5 current most popular cameras on Flickr are iPhones (via Flickr). Which doesn’t surprise me since most people only use cameras on special events and the ease of uploading with a smartphone blows most cameras out of the water. Many novice computer users I meet don’t even know how to use an SD card so why would they go through the trouble when it’s an icon on their phone?

Declining Shipments of All Cameras

It was surprising to find that not only point and shoot camera shipments are down but also that all cameras are in a state of decline.

*Does not include non-Japanese camera manufacturers. Source: CIPA Statistics

Shipments are also currently down for the bit we’re in 2014 according to the CIPA. Based on those facts I don’t see standalone camera sales rising much in the future unless camera companies come out with something innovative that casual users would want. As it currently stands, anything besides a camera phone is for the intermediate to professional level.

I love my iPhone’s camera and I’m sure most users do, so I see why they wouldn’t want to lug around another device for slightly better photos, especially since most cameras barely fit in your pocket.

I expect camera companies will start releasing mirrorless cameras with specs above their DSLR counterparts and many DSLR users flocking to mirrorless cameras.

So when you’re considering buying a point and shoot I strongly recommend paying a bit more for an entry level DSLR/Mirrorless. Not only will you get better photos, but you’ll also be building a skill which can lead to improved memory.

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