Scenic Lookout Binoculars in Los Angeles

I’m not sure what these things are called but public lookout binoculars were all over the California shore. I slapped on my 50mm f1.4 to capture this bokehlicious shot at the Griffith Observatory over Los Angeles at night.

I spotted the first binocular at Laguna Beach which includes the overcast weather of my first day in California. The group I was traveling with didn’t even notice this lookout until I showed them the photo.

After Laguna Beach we headed over to Newport Beach which is where I spotted this red beauty. The waves were filled with surfers , I just wish I had a lens over 100mm so I could get a super close shot of them. The surfers reminded me of Toby Harriman’s awesome “Modern Surf” Collection of photos.

Scenic Lookout Binoculars at Newport Beach

Huntington Beach had some of the largest waves I’ve seen at a beach and is where surfing came to the US at. This is actually the beach Hollister has a live feed at in their stores but surprisingly there wasn’t a Hollister here (they pay around $100k/year for this video feed). I didn’t even notice the seagull flying over the binocular until I reviewed the shot later.

Scenic Lookout Binoculars at Huntington Beach

Ever since this trip I’ve noticed them more and more. I’ll probably be taking more pictures of scenic lookout binoculars in my future travels.

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