Visiting Shiprock in New Mexico (Photos)

It’s hard to miss the unique sight of Shiprock with its huge 7,177 foot peak. Located in North West New Mexico you’ll find Shiprock about an hour from Four Corners. The rock formation is a result of volcanic activity and the spire itself is an example of a volcanic neck.

Shiprock photographed over 40 miles away in Mesa Verde National Park

Be respectful when visiting Shiprock, the land is sacred to the Navajo people. It’s recommended to stay on Indian Service Route 13 and stay off the dirt roads around Shiprock. I found the best view off of Route 13 at the Shiprock dike. There are a few pull offs to the east of the dike but you’ll have to use the small shoulder on the side of Route 13 to be at the base. You can read more about the rules of Shiprock on the Navajo nation website.

Shiprock on Google Maps

Shiprock Photos

Here are photos of Shiprock in New Mexico including aerial photos from my DJI Air 2s. The Navajo Nation now requires you to fill out a drone permit which can be done on their website. There is more information about rules for Shiprock on

Recommended photography gear: Since it’s disrespectful to get near Shiprock and drive on the ground I recommend bringing a telephoto lens to capture Shiprock. By far my favorite angles were using my drone to capture the dike and Shiprock. I made sure not to fly over the terrain around Shiprock.

Shiprock Movie Appearances

Shiprock has been featured in quite a few movies over the decades. Here are some notable movies Shiprock has made an appearance in.

A visit to Shiprock in New Mexico promises an inspiring experience. With its stunning geological formation and rich cultural significance, this iconic landmark offers a unique opportunity to connect with the natural beauty and spiritual history of the Navajo Nation. This majestic rock formation will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your senses.

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6 comments on “Visiting Shiprock in New Mexico (Photos)”

  1. Elizabeth Adkins

    Did you have to get permission for drone use from the road here? I am headed there soon and keep getting mixed comments regarding drone use even though there is no restriction on FAA app.

  2. Can I do night photos of Shiprock?
    Milky Way rising above the Shiprock?
    Will not get close, perhaps a 1/2 mile away from the base on the dirt road.

    1. The highway I took photos from I believe is open to the public anytime (it’s the highway that cuts through the area as seen on maps). With that in mind I think you won’t have issues photographing it at night, granted I have not been at night.