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Sunset over Abandoned Factory in Riverdale Maryland

The building in the background used to be the Engineering and Research Corporation which built airplanes by in the 30’s. Now it’s just a condemned building which I drove past everyday going to high school. I remember one day I walked 4 miles home from school because I didn’t have a ride and walked by this building while the principal drove by and waved at me (Thanks Mr. McMahon! ).

Tripod on groundIf I was a bit more adventurous I would have broke into this factory for some eerie shots but the construction equipment outside ended up turning out great. I tried to capture the dirt chips on the bottom right as the subject but that photo didn’t end up to interesting but here’s a shot of my tripod trying to capture the dirt chips.

I enjoy sharing tripod setups just because it’s interesting what positions it gets in while taking photos. If you think I should share them more or less let me know in the comments.

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