Lincoln Memorial Sunset On Reflecting Pool

Places to Watch Sunset in Washington DC

Sunset can be a magical time in DC. There are plenty of stunning places to enjoy sunset in DC. From the National Mall to the Georgetown waterfront here are some of my favorite places to photography sunset in DC.

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When is Sunset in DC?

Unsure when tomorrow’s sunset is? Here’s a handy clock to know when tomorrow’s sunset is in DC.

Tomorrow's Sunset in DC: 7:11 PM EDT

Places to Enjoy Sunset in Washington DC:

Lincoln Memorial & Reflecting Pool Sunset

Washington Monument Sunset Reflecting Pool
Sunset facing the Reflecting Pool from the Lincoln Memorial

Probably the most iconic place to view sunset in the entire city the Reflecting Pool offers stunning views of the Washington Monument as the sun goes down. If you sit at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (located at the west side of the Reflecting Pool) you’ll be able to take in all the sights.

Since the views fast east you’ll see the sun’s last glow hitting the Capitol and Washington Monument.

Additionally if you walk around to the back of the Lincoln Memorial you can see the Arlington Memorial Bridge.

Lincoln Memorial on Google Maps

Sunset at the Yards Park

The Bridge At The Yards
Sunset at the Yards Park

Sunset can be enjoyable at the Yards with its path down the Anacostia River. Plus there are plenty of places to eat and grab a drink at the Yards.

The Yards on Google Maps

Washington Monument Sunset

Sunset at the Washington Monument

Since the grounds around the Washington Monument are raised there are plenty of places of angles for sunset. This includes angles of the Lincoln Memorial, White House, and US Capitol.

Of course you can also photograph the Washington Monument depending on the lighting as well.

Washington Monument on Google Maps

Sunset from the Air Force Memorial

Air Force Memorial In Dc Sunset
Air Force Memorial in Arlington, VA

The Air Force Memorial’s giant reflective arcs make for great reflections of the sunny sky. Plus you can watch plenty of planes in the distance.

Air Force Memorial on Google Maps

Sunset at the US Capitol

One of my favorite places to enjoy sunset is the United States Capitol. Typically I arrive on the east side of the Capitol and walk around the building as the sun sets.

Us Capitol Shot Thru Iphone Sunset

Once you get to the west side of the Capitol you’ll have a great view of the entire National Mall. If you have a telephoto lens here you can get a great shot.

View of the National Mall from the east side of the United States Capitol

There are a few angles you can shoot while on the east side of the Capitol during sunset. If you head down to the lawn you can get lower and frame the Washington Monument like the photo above. Alternatively you can stand a bit higher up at the base of the Capitol for a slightly higher view of the National Mall.

US Capitol on Google Maps

Sunset at the Georgetown Waterfront

Sunset on the Georgetown Waterfront

The Georgetown Waterfront offers a great view of the Potomac River for sunset. Typically you’ll see the sun setting behind the Francis Scott Key Memorial Bridge.

Georgetown Waterfront on Google Maps

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I hope you enjoyed my list of sunset spots in DC! Let me know your favorite place to watch sunset in the comments.

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