Us Capitol Sunrise Red

United States Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

The United States Capitol was way bigger than I expected, this was captured behind the Capitol near these neat water pool things. Sort of hard to explain but basically just stone with water running over it and glass in the middle. Apparently it’s illegal to use a tripod in this section of DC (on the mall and around the Capitol) but I had no issue capturing a few quick shots.

The US Capitol building has to be one of my favorite places to photograph in DC, with its neoclassical architecture and great vanish points it’s hard not to include it in photos of the national mall.

On the west side of the Capitol there are usually tons of tourists taking selfies. It’s a pleasure to visit the east side which is usually less crowded. The only downside of photographing the Capitol is that you can’t get on the stairs for a higher view of the mall.

US Capitol on Google Maps

Photos of the United States Capitol


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