Visiting the United States Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

When you think of Washington DC it’s hard not to think about the United States Capitol building. Located at the east side of the National Mall it’s hard to miss this incredible building.

The US Capitol building has to be one of my favorite places to photograph in DC, with its neoclassical architecture and great vanish points it’s hard not to include it in photos of the National Mall.

On the west side of the Capitol there are usually tons of tourists taking selfies. It’s a pleasure to visit the east side which is usually less crowded. The only downside of photographing the Capitol is that you can’t get on the stairs for a higher view of the mall.

US Capitol on Google Maps

Photos of the United States Capitol

Permits and Photography Details at the US Capitol

Typically the grounds of the Capitol building are open 24/7 so you are free to roam unless there is an event or special security enforcement. Tripod are prohibited anywhere but grassy areas without permit. The Capitol Police are typically informative so just ask questions if you aren’t sure where you can take pictures.

If you want to use a tripod or other photography equipment on paved areas you can request a permit on their website.

I love photographing the building anytime of day but if you go around blue hour you can get great shots of the dome lit up. Especially when capturing the reflection in the large marble slabs on the east side of the Capitol.

US Capitol Reflection

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