13 Best Places to Take Pictures in Chicago (Travel Guide)

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I finally made it to Chicago Illinois, aka, the Windy City! To my luck a couple of my friends from Instagram were also in town so we got to explore some epic sights together. I also made a few videos from my trip. 

I’ve followed many photographers from Chicago throughout the years so it was awesome to finally see the city in person rather than just from their work (which continues to inspire). Most of my time was spent in “The Loop” where many of these locations are. Here’s how I managed to fill three days taking pictures.

Here is my list of the best places to take pictures in Chicago:

1. Calder’s Flamingo

Calder's Flamingo Chicago
Calder’s Flamingo Sculpture in Federal Plaza

Probably my favorite piece in Chicago is Alexander Calder’s Flamingo sculpture which sits surrounded by architect Mies van der Rohe’s Federal Center Plaza buildings. Located in the heart of the city the sculpture’s all red design really stands out amongst the classic black grid architecture.

The Flamingo is made out of a whopping 50 tons of steel and painted in Calder’s iconic red “vermilion”. Try photographing it at night or sunset to get maximum impact of the piece.

Calder’s Flamingo on Google Maps

2. Millennium Park


Millennium Park has plenty to photograph for Instagram, but more noteworthy are its gardens and the Crown Fountain designed by artist Jaume Plensa. The Crown Fountain is a two-tower interactive work that displays a variety of faces which periodically “spit” water into the reflecting pool between them. Here you’ll see plenty of tourists enjoying the display and getting selfies with it.

Millennium Park on Google Maps

3. Cloud Gate (aka the Bean)

Cloud Gate

Another staple of Chicago, and also located in Millennium Park, is Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor. Open from 6am to 11pm I recommend coming here very early or late in the evening to prevent crowds in your photos (photoshop will barely help!). Regardless of crowds “The Bean” looks spectacular with the city surrounding it.

Cloudgate on Google Maps

4. Skydeck at the Willis Tower

View of the Skydeck from the second Skydeck

One of Chicago’s most well known attractions is the Skydeck in Willis Tower. The Skydeck offers an entire floor for you to see 360 views of Chicago. More commonly photographed is are the glass ledges which allow a dizzying and breathtaking view of the city underneath you. Be forewarned, though, these often have a ~30min+ line so be sure to go early. I recommend getting tickets on their website before visiting.

Willis Tower on Google Maps

5. Murals at the Wabash Arts Corridor

Moose at Wabash Arts Corridor

If Murals are your thing, the Wabash Arts Corridor is full of unique and colorful murals created by local art students and muralists. Also known as a “living urban canvas” the murals do change periodically. One of my favorite works is the massive Moose Bubblegum Bubble by Jacob Watts.

Arts Corridor on Google Maps

6. Chicago Sign at the Chicago Theatre

Chicago marquee sign

It’s hard not to love the Chicago Theatre’s vintage Chicago sign. Perfect for capturing a long exposure shot in front of when you’re walking downtown. Other popular angles include from the subway stop next to the sign or reflections in puddles in front of the sign.

Chicago Theatre on Google Maps

7. Stairwell at the Rookery Building

Under the stairs at the Rookery Building

Before even visiting Chicago I knew about the famous stairs of the Rookery Building. If you want to take a picture of them (from the bottom) you’ll need to go on a tour of the building.  Since the whole building is amazing, it’s well worth the admission…plus it goes to a good cause.  The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust offers a 30-minute tour and I recommend getting tickets on their website or at the desk inside.

The Rookery on Google Maps

8. Chicago Skyline from North Ave Beach

Chicago Skyline From North Ave Beach
Chicago Skyline from North Avenue Beach (with 10 stop ND filter)

If you’re looking for skyline views of Chicago North Avenue Beach has to be one of the best views in Chicago. Google maps says it closes at 7pm but I went around 10pm, there were people jogging and the paid parking lot was open. I love to use a 10-stop ND filter here to capture stillness in the water and sky.

Quick note: parking was $19/hour here so if you’re looking to quickly drop by there isn’t any place to park here besides the paid lot.

North Avenue Beach on Google Maps

9. Overlook Metro Trains at Wells Kinzie Garage

View from the parking garage

Chicago is well known for it’s above ground transit system. If you’re looking for a fantastic spot that doesn’t involve trespassing the Wells Kinzie Garage is perfect for it. There are many levels that you can capture the tracks from so be sure to explore a bit!

Wells Kinzie on Google Maps

10. Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain at night

Made famous from the Married with Children intro, the Buckingham Fountain is one of the largest fountains in the world. Be sure to visit at the top of the hour to see a 20 minute water show.

Buckingham Fountain on Google Maps

11. 200 North Clark Self Park

Andrewoptics Chicago Reflection
by @AndrewOptics

This next place is so random but offers a stunning view of Chicago. If you head up to the 8th floor on the side with the train tracks in 200 North Clark Self Park there are glass panels you can peek out of to get a reflective view of the city and train tracks.

200 North Clark Self Park on Google Maps

12. South Pond Wooden Pavilion

Wooden Pavilion at South Pond

The Wooden Pavilion at the Lincoln Park Zoo’s South Pond is a fantastic way to frame Chicago’s skyline around the John Hancock Center. Additionally the structure itself is fun to photograph and a fun spot for portraits.

South Pond on Google Maps

13. Chicago Riverwalk

Chicago Riverwalk

Walking down the Chicago Riverwalk you’ll find plenty of unique bridges and angles of the city. It’s great to see the huge city skyline contrasted with the river running through the city.

Chicago Riverwalk on Google Maps

There is plenty more to see in the city, such as the Greetings from Chicago mural, Pedway Yellow tunnel, Chicago’s Canal system and so much more incredible Chicago architecture but sadly I didn’t have time to photograph it all.

If you know of a Chicago Instagram spot I may have forgotten let us know in the comments!

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  1. Beautiful! I live in Chicago but thought I’ll go downtown and around tomorrow, because o don’t have to work. Just taking my time to look at everything and take pictures for a friend of mine in Houston, who has never visited.

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