Hiking Giant Ledge Catskills Hike in NY (Sunrise Hike Photos)

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Staying in the Catskills? You’ll want to plan a hike up to Giant Ledge. The Giant Ledge overlooks the Slide Mountain Wilderness area. The views from Giant Ledge during autumn are incredible and I highly recommend visiting if you are traveling through upstate New York in the fall.

I’ll be going over everything you’ll need to know when hiking Giant Ledge.

Parking for the Giant Ledge Hike

There are a few routes to Giant Ledge but I recommend starting at Oliverea Road Trailhead. You’ll find the parking across the street from the trailhead. The entrance to the trail feels a bit hidden, so be on the lookout: it’s on the east side of the road. You can use the photos below to familiarize yourself with the area.

Hiking to the Giant Ledge Summit

We wanted to arrive to the first ledge for sunrise so we started the trail around 5:15 AM. This gave us enough time to walk to the trailhead, get organized with headlamps and flashlights, and start the ascent. We arrived to the peak around 6:30 AM, which was perfect for sunrise scheduled at 7:14 AM.

Giant Ledge on AllTrails

When starting your hike, remember to sign in and out at the trailhead manifest. This ensures you are accounted for if you go missing and notes trail activity for park staff.

Signing in at the trailhead manifest

The trail is pretty rocky, with a few small scrambles, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes.

Rocks on Giant Ledge

I especially enjoyed the second bridge that was near the start of the trail.

After about one hour and 15 minutes of hiking, we arrived at Giant Ledge for sunrise.

Arriving at Giant Ledge

View from Giant Ledge for sunrise

You can see for miles when you’re at the peak! There are a couple of ledges, but all of them face east which is perfect for sunrise. We arrived just in time for sunrise which was a perfect start to the morning. The sunrise was incredible and I recommend planning a sunrise hike if you want to challenge yourself.

Things you’ll need to hike at Giant Ledge:

  • Headlamp (if climbing before sunrise)
  • Sturdy hiking shoes
  • Water and a snack
Sunrise at Giant Ledge

My favorite part of the hike was the morning sun coming through the trees as we walked back down. The autumn colors were incredible even though trees around the trailhead were on the greener side.

I loved the moss covered rocks that were near the Giant Ledge summit.

Photos of Giant Ledge in the Catskills

Here are the rest of my photos from hiking Giant Ledge at sunrise. It was a seriously great reward to see the fall colors get lit up by the morning light.

What Photography Gear to Bring to Giant Ledge: On my visit to Giant Ledge all I bought was my wide angle lens to capture the scenery. Once you’re at the peak you’ll probably want a wide lens to capture the Giant Ledge in all of it’s glory. A larger telephoto lens will weigh you down but may be useful when you’re at the peak to photograph the mountains in the distance.

The Giant Ledge hike in the Catskills is a breathtaking experience that nature lovers. The hike lets you connect with the beauty of the Catskill Mountains through its beautiful views and challenging trails.

I hope you enjoyed my post about hiking Giant Ledge! After hiking I would recommend stopping by Phoenicia Diner for some breakfast. If you want more to do check out my list of Upstate New York photo spots.

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  1. You have a true talent. Your pictures are magnificent 😍
    Thank you for the very helpful detailed description. I’m headed there in May and cannot wait to get there before the sun sets