Sunrise at Slacker Hill

Golden Gate Bridge Sunrise at Slacker Hill

andy-taking-photos-at-slacker-hillTo achieve this shot we had to wake up at 4am and walk a mile uphill, but the results were worth it. Being on top of Slacker Hill as the sunrose was simply stunning. I was shocked how quickly the fog formed and changed. When we initially got to this spot we couldn’t even see the Golden Gate Bridge but after waiting 10 minutes it revealed itself.

This was a perfect last day to my trip to San Francisco since right after shooting this we headed to Yosemite. Even walking down from this spot was beautiful with the fog moving through the hills.

Foggy Mountains in California
Fog rolling in on mountains during the walk to Slacker Hill

Being on the North side of the Golden Gate Bridge was awesome. Even if you don’t want to hike up to Slacker Hill there are plenty of pull offs from the road where you can get breathtaking angles of the bridge.

How to Get to the Slacker Hill Summit

Parking and Trail Map to Slacker Hill

If you were wondering how to get to Slacker Hill there is a small parking lot at the bottom of the mountain. There are only a few spots so be sure to park early! Google says the 1/2 mile walk will take you 15 minutes but it’ll most likely take you 25 minutes since it’s a steep hike, but the view is worth it.

Slackers Hill on Google Maps

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  1. with the San Francisco Bridge as well it is so very lovely to see and as well as a great scenery to see with the boats going under the bridge as well. from Wendy Sells