Haunted White House Tour

Haunted White House Tour

I had the honor of returning to the White House for a second time, this time for a Haunted Tour! (See photos from my first tour)

It was incredible, they had each room in the East Wing filled with someone dressed as a past president orΒ historical figure. All of them told haunted and mysterious White House tales.

Abe Lincoln reenactor at the White House

Slew around various rooms were cobwebs and other haunted tweaks. I was especially surprised to see the fireplaces lit!

Haunted White House Cobwebs

Additionally this tour was at sunset so we got some great views of the front lawn.

White House Front Lawn

All Photos from the #HauntedWH Tour

I was happy to be part of such a unique tour, I hope they continue to do more themed tour.

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