Photos of Monument Valley in Arizona

Ever since starting a long road trip to California from DC I couldn’t wait to drive around the midwest. Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado are just the most magical places to explore.

Here are a few of my photos from Monument Valley in Arizona.

The large sandstone rock formations of Monument Valley’s most iconic view from the visitor center include West Mitten, East Mitten, and Merrick Butte.

Photos of Monument Valley

While driving to Monument Valley from Utah you’ll be greeted with the iconic view made famous by Forest Gump.

View Of Monumeny Valley From Highway 163

View Of Monument Valley From Highway 163 (heading south)

Just be careful if you stop in this location because you’ll frequently see cars driving by.

Monument Valley Az Long Exposure

Long Exposure of the classic “skyline” view at Monument Valley

The best part of this view is that you can drive up to a huge parking lot and easily setup a tripod to shoot. Most of the touristed cleared out after sunset.

After the sunsets you can get some spectacual astrophotography. I was so happy I didn’t have to carry an intervalometer since it’s built into the new Canon 5D Mark IV. This enabled me to do very long 13 minute exposures and capture the rotation of the earth as stars shifted around.

Long Exposure Galaxy Monument Valley

13 Minute Long Exposure of Monument Valley

I loved seeing the tour guide trucks go up and down the valley offering some epic light trails.

Monument Valley Overlook Rock

If you’re planning a road trip across the country I highly recommend stopping at Monument Valley.

Monument Valley View on Google Maps

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