Photos of the 2021 Partial Solar Eclipse in Washington DC

A large part of the world has experienced the “Ring of Fire” eclipse on Thursday morning. From Canada to Russia the solar eclipse was visible in many areas, including a partial eclipse in Washington DC!

I headed out to the Air Force Memorial since my buddy Mark Alan Andre scouted the location and saw the angle would be good for the sunrise.

From the Air Force Memorial the partial solar eclipse was slated to be at its maximum at 5:47 am. So I woke up around 4 am and headed to the Memorial which is accessible by foot before 8 am so you have to park nearby.

Partial eclipse over Washington DC
Partial solar eclipse in Washington DC (2021)

Cloud coverage was a bit heavy but I think it added to the images since we could perfectly see the eclipse happening over the Jefferson Memorial.

I shot the eclipse photos using the Canon RF 100-500mm on my Canon EOS R5 which lead to some great results.

Partial eclipse close up

In addition to a few photos I also recorded some video clips of the moon as it covers the sun.

Angela Pan also got a great photo of everyone shooting the eclipse as well.

Photographers photographing he partial eclipse
Me on the left shooting the eclipse (photo by Angela Pan)

If you’re ever in range of an eclipse I highly recommending getting out to shoot it! This is my second time shooting one, the first time being the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017.

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