Us Capitol Snow Storm

Washington DC During Snow Storms!

Due to the first snow of 2021 I figured I’d share some new photos and photos from past snow storms in DC.

Security fence up at a snowy US Capitol (2021)

Despite the added security presence in DC it’s still beautiful as ever.

Snowy DC row houses (2021)

Washington DC during a snow storm is an extremely tranquil time. Periodically DC will get large snow storms and is a blast to photograph. It’s quite the sight to see snow cover the monuments and DC’s iconic buildings.

Snowy White House
The White House covered in snow (2016)

Typically the Metro is still open so it’s easy to get around town during snow storms in DC. Of course the roads are typically cleared so driving is an option but it can be hard to park.

Photos of Washington DC in the Snow

Here are some of my snowy photos of Washington DC throughout the years. Including the National Mall, US Capitol, and neighborhoods like Capitol Hill.

I hope you enjoyed my Washington DC snow pictures! If you’re a photographer I recommend getting out and exploring the National Mall and Chinatown during snowy seasons.

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