Rainy Day Photography Tips: Photography Ideas for Rainy Days

What better way to enjoy a rainy day than to go out and photography the weather! Splashes, reflections, there is so much fun you can have photographing the rain.

If you’ve got a weather sealed camera you have no excuse not to shoot in the rain. You can also protect your camera gear with an umbrella or camera rain cover.

You’ll find plenty of interesting things to photograph in the rain. From puddles to storm clouds I’ve included some of my best rainy day photo ideas.

Here are some of my favorite rainy day photography ideas:

1. Reflections & Puddles

Reflection of the Friendship Arch in Washington DC

One of the most obvious things to photography on a rainy day are puddles and reflections. No matter where you’re taking pictures you’ll be able to found tons of unique angles by getting down low.

When using reflections you can get plenty of unique compositions.

2. Rain Splashes

Use all the puddles to your advantage by making a splash! It’s the perfect way to add some motion to your photo in a unique way. Whether it’s a car driving by a puddle or a friend stopping in the water there are plenty of possibilities.

Usually you’ll want to use a fast shutter speed to capture splashes mid-air.

3. Rain Drops

If you’re trying to photograph a rain drop in motion you’ll want to use a fast shutter speed like 1/1000th of a second. This will create an effect as if the droplet is suspended in air.

4. Cloudy Skies

Clouds over Silver Spring, Maryland

Of course with rain comes unique cloud coverage. Typically just a grey mess you’ll sometimes get lucky and get the sun shining through to add a moody tone to your photos.

5. Storms & Lightning

Every rainy day won’t mean lightning storms but when they happen you should be getting out to photograph them! Lightning can be an incredibly exciting subject when done safely.

Capturing a lightning strike as it happens can be a challenge. You can use a tripod with long exposures or just shoot bursts until a strike happens. Some companies even make lightning activated shutters.

Lightning over the US Capitol

6. Mist

Typically after it rains you’ll be able to spot plenty of fog and mist.

I hope these rainy day photography inspiration has you fired up to go out and shoot! Don’t let a dark rainy day detour you when you can go out and capture something unique.

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