Places to See Magnolia Trees in Washington DC

While Washington DC may be most known for their Cherry Blossom trees there are also beautiful pink magnolia trees worth seeing.

The pink Saucer Magnolias trees typically bloom a week or two before the Cherry Blossoms so you can usually see them in March.

In this post I’ll be showing you all of my favorite places to photograph Magnolia trees in Washington DC.

Where to see Saucer Magnolias Trees in Washington DC:

1. Enid A. Haupt Garden

Magnolia Trees at Smithsonian Gardens

The main place in Washington DC to see Magnolias is the Smithsonian’s Enid A. Haupt garden. The grounds of the garden are littered with Magnolia trees making it stunning at peak Magnolia bloom.

Enid A. Haupt Garden on Google Maps

2. Rawlins Park

Magnolia Trees at Rawlins Park

Rawlins Park is a hidden gem located west of the White House. Magnolias saucer trees line the park around the (typically drained) fountain.

Rawlins Park on Google Maps

3. George Mason Memorial

Located near the Tidal Basin the George Mason Memorial has a few Magnolia trees. From the memorial you can photograph the Magnolia trees with the Washington Monument in the background as well.

George Mason Memorial on Google Maps

4. Grand Army of the Republic Memorial

Dc Magnolias In Bloom

The park located at the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial offers plenty of Magnolias trees to look at. What makes it all better is that the trees perfectly frame this pink building located next to the park.

Grand Army of the Republic Memorial on Google Maps

5. Oak Hill Cemetery

Located in Oak Hill Cemetery you will find plenty of Magnolia trees and even a few Cherry Blossom trees.

Oak Hill Cemetery on Google Maps

Photos of Magnolias in Washington DC

Here are more photos of DC’s Magnolias through the years.

I hope you enjoyed my list of places to see Magnolia trees in DC, if I missed anywhere let me know in the comments!

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