11 Best Places to Photograph in Los Angeles

    LA has to be one of the most photogenic cities in the US. From the sprawling mountains minutes away from the city to scenic beaches Los Angeles is FULL of places to Instagram.

    Nearly every sunset in LA is breathtaking which is why I love this city so much. Everytime I visit I find myself photographing all day and night.

    Below are the best places to photograph in Los Angeles:

    Griffith Observatory

    Griffith Observatory Night

    LA from Griffith Observatory

    If you only stop at one place on this list the Griffith Observatory is a must. Once at the observatory you get a beautiful view of the Los Angeles skyline.

    Parking can be tight at peak times though and you may have to park a bit away.

    Additionally if you’re willing to hike a bit there are a few trails behind Griffith that will let you get above the observatory for even more creative options. Read More

    Best Places to Photograph in Point Reyes

    During my road trip to the west coast I’ve seen some incredible National Parks. Point Reyes National Seashore is no exception, from an iconic abandoned boat to foggy cypress trees Reyes’ has plenty of unique things to photograph.

    Here is my list of places to shoot at Point Reyes National Seashore:

    Point Reyes Shipwreck

    Point Reyes Shipwreck

    Point Reyes Abandoned Shipwreck

    Read More

    Napa Valley Fields

    Photographing the Napa Valley Wineries

    Back on my trip to California I rented a Tesla Model S (from GetAround) for one of my best friends and we headed up to Napa Valley. I was surprised how fast the Tesla was along with us not needing to charge during the whole drive. My only complaint is that the car doesn’t have built in turn-by-turn directions (even though it has a massive 17 inch screen).

    By far the most beautiful winery I’ve been to was Opus One. With such a unique building and premium free glasses of wine it was hard to hate. Read More

    Places I Love in San Francisco: Eating, Drinking, Hiking & More

    After several trips to San Francisco I’ve gained a sense of the city and have accumulated some favorite spots. Often friends ask me what deserves their attention and what experiences make the trip worth taking. Here is a list of what I tell them, which are my personal favorites.

    Places to Eat in San Francisco

    Millionaire's bacon at sweet maple

    Millionaire’s bacon at sweet maple

    Sweet Maple (yelp) – This place has the best brunch I’ve ever eaten. Try the millionaire’s bacon and unlimited mimosas. Read More

    Sunrise at Slacker Hill Shop This Print

    Golden Gate Bridge Sunrise at Slacker Hill

    andy-taking-photos-at-slacker-hillTo achieve this shot we had to wake up at 4am and walk a mile uphill, but the results were worth it. Being on top of Slacker Hill as the sunrose was simply stunning. I was shocked how quickly the fog formed and changed. When we initially got to this spot we couldn’t even see the Golden Gate Bridge but after waiting 10 minutes it revealed itself. Read More

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    Beautiful Trip to Yosemite National Park [Photos]

    Our four hour drive to Yosemite National Park started out in San Francisco in a rented Kia from Enterprise (luckily my friend got us a discount). I was surprised to find that much of California’s inland was reminiscent of Maryland. The Grand Hill views and wind generators caught my eye along the way. Yosemite is about 1,000 square miles which surprised me since I thought it was just a small park.

    Yosemite Waterfall Viewing

    It was only $20 to enter with a car into Yosemite and you get free range over the entire park. Cruising down the roads leads to tons of areas to stop off which gave me plenty of photo opportunities. It was stunning to look around and see that you’re surrounded by mountains, many with waterfalls flowing off them. Read More

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    Sunset over California Farms

    While driving back from Yosemite in our rented Kia I witnessed an amazing sunset over huge fields in California. I’m not sure where exactly this was taken, but I knew we had to stop the car for this shot. The colors of the sky really popped and it was a fantastic way to finish off our last day in California.

    We ended up getting back in San Francisco around midnight so this was the last sunset we could see in this great state. The four hour drive to Yosemite from San Francisco is by all means worth it, so if you’re in the area rent a car and make the trip.

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    Long Exposure Sunset at Sutro Baths

    Foggy Tunnel at Sutro BathsOn the west side of San Francisco lies the Sutro Bath ruins, where this sunset was taken. This 80 second exposure captured the mist of the water traveling over the mossy rocks which looked kickass to me. Right next to this area was an interesting cave which I photographed my friend walking through on the right. There were a few holes in the cave so I could hear the echo of the waves throughout. Read More

    Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise Shop This Print

    Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise

    Starting my last day in San Francisco at 4am was a bit tiresome, but nabbed me some excellent shots. This was taken at Battery Spencer which we stopped at after traveling down from Slacker Hill. Immediately after taking this we headed to Yosemite which was a four hour drive away. My only regret is not walking down to the edge which can be seen in the bottom left of the photo. It’s amazing to see how much the environment changes with the fog constantly moving around.

    Golden Gate Bridge Tilt Shift

    Golden Gate Bridge Arch

    Golden Gate Bridge on Google Maps
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    Long Exposure at San Francisco’s Bay Bridge

    I took a similar photo to this one on my last trip to San Francisco but I wanted to capture the pillars rising out of the water for this one. My original long exposure shot from this location was black & white because I couldn’t get the colors right but now that I’ve figured out white balance this shot is in color.

    This was captured from my first day in the city where I walked ~27,000 steps all over the city. After walking up to higher pier numbers (This shot was taken around pier 14) I realized they are mostly tourist areas and got the hell out of there.