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    360 Bridge Overlook in Austin, Texas

    Cliff I was on that Overlooks 360 Bridge

    Cliff I was on that Overlooks 360 Bridge

    I spent another great weekend in Austin and really enjoyed the sunset on my last day at 360 overlook at Pennybacker Bridge. This has to be one of the best spots in Austin to enjoy a sunset.

    My tradition after going to 360 overlook is to stop by Ramen Tatsuya for some of the best ramen I’ve ever had.

    Parking for 360 overlook can be a bit dangerous since it’s on the side of a highway. People park on either side of the highway, but just be careful when parking here. Read More

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    National Museum of the American Indian

    When I’m looking to take new photos I usually just take a walk around downtown DC. I don’t know what I’ll find most of the time, but luckily I spotted the National Museum of the American Indian.

    The colorful wall full of shrubbery and green mold combined with the waviness of the wall. I toned the saturation in the sky up a bit to get unique purples and blues. Read More

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    World War II Memorial at Night [Photo]

    Since we just celebrated Veterans day what better time to capture the WWII Memorial. This is a tough memorial to capture since it’s so large.

    The stunning entrance to the memorial caught my eye, especially the statue in the middle. If you haven’t been to this memorial it’s fun to visit since they have all 50 states engraved (which you can see a few in this photo).

    When editing I increased the orange/blue effect in the corners of the photo. I think that it really added an eerie look to the picture giving it an epic feel.

    World War II Memorial on Google Maps
    Hamilton Pool Preserve Shop This Print

    Stunning Waterfall at Hamilton Pool Preserve

    During my trip to Austin, Texas I got to see some incredibly unique areas.

    Hamilton Pool Preserve was a bacteria filled swimming hole located about an hour from Austin. Since the Hamilton Pool’s bacteria levels can get so high swimming was actually prohibited while I was there. Near the back of this photo I dropped my lens cap where you have to squeeze by in between rocks and the back of the cave. Somehow I was still able to manage walking through with my tripod and backpack on.

    There were many angles to take photos at the Hamilton Pool but I really appreciated this single spout of water hitting a rock. Ironically I was in Austin the one week it rained so the overcast sky is blown out in this shot.

    Hamilton Pool on Google Maps
    Sunrise at Slacker Hill Shop This Print

    Golden Gate Bridge Sunrise at Slacker Hill

    andy-taking-photos-at-slacker-hillTo achieve this shot we had to wake up at 4am and walk a mile uphill, but the results were worth it. Being on top of Slacker Hill as the sunrose was simply stunning. I was shocked how quickly the fog formed and changed. When we initially got to this spot we couldn’t even see the Golden Gate Bridge but after waiting 10 minutes it revealed itself. Read More

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    Road to Old Rag Mountain

    After driving two hours to the mountains in Virginia and getting lost since there is no cell service I took this long shot of the road. Sadly, I arrived around sunset so we didn’t actually get to go up on Old Rag Mountain. I was a bit nervous sitting in the road to shoot this, especially near a turn in the road, but luckily my friend was spotting cars for me.

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    Beautiful Trip to Yosemite National Park [Photos]

    Our four hour drive to Yosemite National Park started out in San Francisco in a rented Kia from Enterprise (luckily my friend got us a discount). I was surprised to find that much of California’s inland was reminiscent of Maryland. The Grand Hill views and wind generators caught my eye along the way. Yosemite is about 1,000 square miles which surprised me since I thought it was just a small park.

    Yosemite Waterfall Viewing

    It was only $20 to enter with a car into Yosemite and you get free range over the entire park. Cruising down the roads leads to tons of areas to stop off which gave me plenty of photo opportunities. It was stunning to look around and see that you’re surrounded by mountains, many with waterfalls flowing off them. Read More

    Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise Shop This Print

    Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise

    Starting my last day in San Francisco at 4am was a bit tiresome, but nabbed me some excellent shots. This was taken at Battery Spencer which we stopped at after traveling down from Slacker Hill. Immediately after taking this we headed to Yosemite which was a four hour drive away. My only regret is not walking down to the edge which can be seen in the bottom left of the photo. It’s amazing to see how much the environment changes with the fog constantly moving around.

    Golden Gate Bridge Tilt Shift

    Golden Gate Bridge Arch

    Golden Gate Bridge on Google Maps
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    Long Exposure at San Francisco’s Bay Bridge

    I took a similar photo to this one on my last trip to San Francisco but I wanted to capture the pillars rising out of the water for this one. My original long exposure shot from this location was black & white because I couldn’t get the colors right but now that I’ve figured out white balance this shot is in color.

    This was captured from my first day in the city where I walked ~27,000 steps all over the city. After walking up to higher pier numbers (This shot was taken around pier 14) I realized they are mostly tourist areas and got the hell out of there.